Monday, October 1, 2012

Styling of the day: Vintage! "School Girl"

Bringing you another segment of vintage/retro styling.
I found 80% of the outfit at a second hand shop/op shop in Ljubljana and it cost me less than 6 euros for a woolen jumper, skirt and white shirt, which was a bargain!
I already owned the shoes and stockings to make the styling complete.
I thought the jumper was really cute with embroidered designs of wheat flowers completed with a warm beige colour.
Its a stylish modern retro look which I like.

Jumper: Beige wool vintage jumper
Skirt: Mini Scottish skirt
Shirt: White shirt
Shoes: Old vintage shoes painted gold and knee stockings

On another note....
On the weekend my husband and I traveled to Trieste, Italy and then to Ljubljana Slovenia to check out the trends in fashion.

Our observation:

If you are not familiar with Italians and fashion, they love their brands and you can see that a lot of money has been poured into stylish fashionable clothes and accessories from brands such as Versace, Armani to Gucci.
Black and gold seems to be in fashion with the help of big sun glasses, designer handbags and various other kitchy and blingy styled accessories and clothes.
With European winter on our door step I am expecting to see a lot of Italians fitting out their wardrobes with new items of high fashion.
On the other hand Ljubljana seems to be on a lower key in comparison to Trieste when it concerns brands.
There wasn't much high fashion brands to be seen however, the people are stylish and elegant (which i like).
All in all I think its not how much you spend, its how smart you are as a shopper to create a nice style at an affordable price.

On one other note...
The patterns for my jackets are coming around nicely, unfortunately I didn't take any pictures today because my camera went flat just as I was about to take some photos...
I am pretty happy with my progress at this stage, and by the end of the week the patterns should be finalized.
I am currently looking into quality fabrics for the pieces, so if you know of any decent online fabric stores please let me know.

Masa signing OFF  

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