Thursday, September 27, 2012

Being Creative

So here is a small update of what I've been designing
I have been working very hard on some cool new jacket patterns and designs, so far I have 12 patterns.
They are a combination of Male and Female Jacket patterns; this is my first time designing male fashion, so I cant wait to see the end results.

I will be posting regularly on here as well as facebook and behance on the working progress of the jackets so you can follow it :) 

On another note I went shopping with my husband yesterday and we came across the local second hand fashion store and they had a massive sale on "3 EUROS FOR EVERYTHING" and I love to scout the second hand fashion stores for some cool stuff, sometimes they have some really awesome! branded stuff for really cheap.
Anyway I found this 1 piece Adidas track suit, authentic!, It must be worth at least 100 euros. And I loved it and I gave it to my husband, and now he is very happy lol.

And this Mr Anakleto :) he is my fashion design will be seeing more of him

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