Thursday, October 4, 2012

Look Expensive, Feel Fashionable, Its Affordable

A few tips for girls and boys. 

Girls! try wearing some nice strong colours with whatever you are wearing. Especially with the colder months coming closer, the elaborate colours that were once summer are slowly dying off into greys, blacks and whites of boring old coats and sweaters that we dig up every winter of every year.

 We all know that the colder seasons of the year are never really the best time for seeing colour and can be quite depressing. Why not experiment wearing more vibrant colours during winter and carry on that sunshine vibe all through out winter, guaranteed compliments from experience. ;)

Heres some ways...

I've exhibited some examples on how you can optimize your styling with colours.
 Looking expensive at an affordable budget is on many peoples minds these days especially with the crisis and everything going on in the economy. However looking stylish and expensive is very easy to achieve and I'm going to tell you how.

Prepare to shop at secondhand shops: 
 You really never know what you can find, you can find many great quality brands such as DKNY, HUGOBOSS, CHANEL, GUCCI and other great brands, I can't stress it enough what opportunity is out there in second hand shops.

 Look for sales: 
 There are always sales on during the year and the end of seasons, Its a real money saver if you did your shopping during the year and the benefits are that you have a nice collection by the time Winter hits.

Shop at branded outlet stores: 
 As the title says, however it is never always drastically cheap but you can find some good deals

The internet: 
I don't think I need to get into great details but you have ebay and other sales sites. 
I do personally recommend buying off for branded second hand fashion. 

 Find some nice accessories ( like scarfs, bows, broaches, ties, hats, gloves, and etc) and play :)
 With the tips I have provided, you can make a stylish and sophisticated wardrobe in no time at an affordable price.
  The most important thing to experiment with different styles of clothes, from old to modern pieces of fashion.

Have a great day  

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