Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fashion and Accessories Colour Experimenting

...if u feel more inspired you can experiment and use different colours, materials and accessories...

Vintage wool jumper, Vintage silk scarf, Black leather band tied on a wool jumper, vintage shirt and a red bow.

Vintage blue jumper, leather bow, red 80s heels and scarf


  1. Hello I have just a question is it your work on those pictures? Because if yes, I really love it. Is it menswear?

  2. Hi Thomas, Yes this is my work and it is unisex
    Thanks :)

  3. ...i checed ur blog aswell and it looks very nice, like ur writing. have fun. masa

  4. I would like to know what do you do with these samples?

    Do you sell them? I am really interested into the second example with the red cardigan (I love the shirt and the bow-tie.)

  5. hey thomas, sorry first i didnt wanna disslead u ( thoose things is just my work, as stylist, othewise jumpers are vintage), i,m preparing new collections with mens/unisex jackets,meanwhile i,m doing styling and preparing photos for selling vintage and sample pieces....u can check my fb page or site ( where is more of my stuff), have fun