Thursday, October 4, 2012

Styling Tips for Men

 Don't be afraid to use accessories and colour GUYS!!!

For those who think that there are very limited accessories for guys, well think again, There are plenty of them everywhere! :) you just have to look around and open your pretty eyes.

If you think about it you have watches, belts and ties (which are the most common of all boring business men) but there are a lot of other great options out there that can be experimented with and revived from previous fashion eras. Items such as bows, braces, hats, glasses, umbrellas, broaches, appliques are not very common these days. So take advantage of the of times of previous eras to accessorize and customize your unique style.

Try to combine nice fitted clothes (jackets, pants and shirts) which you know you look good in, and don't be afraid to experiment with some nice accessories which can give you your own unique and trendy style of look. Remember guys, if you feel good in what you are wearing you will stand out and look great,"not to mention more girls will notice you" ;)

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